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Even as a child, Marie was the heart and soul of the brewery "Hausbrendel" in the bavarian city Augsburg. Due to her adorable smile she was able to wrap the biggest grouches around her finger – just a lovely girl, that soon, when she was getting older, attracted the attention of a lot of young smart fellows.

The rumors of the beautiful brewer’s daughter could not stay hidden for a long time from the young Konrad Schwarz from Zusmarshausen. He wanted to take a look at Marie Hausbrendel by himself. Throughout a cheerful event he accidentaly just met her older sister in the first place.
When he realized the confusing mistake he immediately went out, finding "his" Marie. He met her and they fell head over heels in love and soon the wedding bells were ringing.

From this time on the guests of the Bräustüberl in Zusmarshausen groveled to their new landlady. There, people still tell one another to this day the story of "Marie". And of course they drink a Helles in her honor.

Nowadays, grandson Leopold dedicated a special beer to her grandmother: The Schwarzbräu "Marie Hausbrendel" with its mild, fresh and well balanced taste:

Typical Bavarian. Typical Helles.
Bierflasche mit Glas und Aehre Stempel

Marie Hausbrendel
The movie

Schwarzbräu "Marie" – The whole story…

The story of our Marie started in the Golden Twenties: Even as a child, so it is told, little Maria – called Marie – was the heart and soul oft he Hausbrendel brewery in the centre oft he bavarian city Augsburg. The lovely smile oft he younger daughter of two let the heart of the grumpiest fellows soften; with her big blue eyes and her unshakeable happiness she was able to wrap the biggest grouches around the finger.

Because oft hat, it is no wonder, that Marie Hausbrendel grew up into a charming young lady. Nearly every boy around the corner kept an eye for her. But she had no interest in romance and preferred to lend her father a hand - after all, she knew the brewery and the pub better than the back of her hand. No, Marie was not above lending a hand - always with a smile on her lips and a kind word for the guests.

The fact that things were particularly nice at the Hausbrendel brewery - thanks to the beautiful Marie - did not remain an Augsburg secret for long. The news quickly got around and was eventually also heard by a certain young lad called Konrad Schwarz from Zusmarshausen. His best buddy, "the postman" had told him about Marie and the bachelor Schwarz quickly became interested: a brewer's daughter who is both beautiful and hardworking - he had to see that with his own eyes!

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